Handcrafted Blacksmith Products - Alder Hardt Ironworks - Hardwick, VT
Business Name: Alder Hardt Ironworks
Address: 4719 Bridgman Hill Road – Hardwick, VT 05843



Blacksmith Products

Hand Forged in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

Alder Hardt, who will be turning 16 in September 2021, began producing hand forged blacksmith products at home when he was 12 years old. Since then, blacksmithing has become his passion and he is super excited to be selling his hand forged blacksmith products at the Craftsbury Farmer’s Market this season.

Alder Hardt Ironworks hand forged blacksmith products include:

  • axes
  • candle holders
  • toilet paper & paper towel holders
  • hooks
  • spoons
  • spatulas
  • key rings
  • tools
  • ….

More about Alder Hardt’s journey in learning the hand forged blacksmith products craft:

The first time I saw someone forging I was eight years old at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT. I remember watching him forge and finding it fascinating. My mind was full of wonder and excitement. The sparks, the fire, the heat, and the noise made it so engaging for me. Apparently, the blacksmith picked up on my fascination with the craft and gifted my mother and me a key ring and a hook that we had watched him make.

When I was twelve years old I was homeschooled for my sixth-grade year.  That year at home gave me the time to experiment with my interests and what I wanted to do. I had made a couple of knives by grinding them out of a saw blade and I needed a way to get them hot in order to harden them. So I made a simple in-ground forge with a pipe and some bricks. I completely melted my knives. It was disappointing in one sense but incredible and spectacular in another.

I was amazed by how hot my crude forge was able to get that piece of steel. Instead of getting upset, I grabbed a piece of scrap steel, stuck it in the forge, got it hot, and started hammering on it. I found it amazing how I could transform iron into different shapes with just an old hammer and the back of a vice.

Over the past few years, I have advanced my tools, knowledge, and love of the craft. Over the past summer, I built a new shop with logs that I harvested off our property. I am very excited about my new space and it will be a great place to grow my business, career, and passion for blacksmithing.

When you purchase ironwork from me, you will know that the item has been crafted with care, precision, and passion.

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