Alejandro Angio – Chinese Style Student & Teacher

Local Japanese & Chinese brush painting artist, Alejandro Angio, will be creating his Etagami art tomorrow, Saturday, June 4th at the Craftsbury Farmers’ Market. Etagami art of fruits and vegetables commemorates spring and summer. Stop by and watch as Alejandro paints. He may have a surprise for you!

147B Creek Road – Craftsbury, VT 05826
Phone: (802) 586-2484

Alejandro’s art is currently being shown at The Art House – 67 South Craftsbury Road – Craftsbury, VT.

Alejandro Angio was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. Mr. Angio was the renowned Argentinian painter Oscar Mara’s student and assistant in his youth. Subsequently he moved to New York in the 80’s and become co-owner and technician of a famous Brooklyn art foundry where he cast and finished hundreds of sculptures in bronze and various metals for important USA and international artist for twenty years. He studied Japanese Wood Block Printing with Takuji Hamanka in New York and learned and introduced himself to oriental art. In 2011 Mr. Angio adopted Chinese Brush Painting as his on going medium, studying currently with Henry Li, and Sumi-e in Argentina with Julieta Jitterman. Currently Mr. Angio is living in Craftsbury, VT where he is working and teaching in his studio of Creek Road. His work includes many paintings on commission. One of his favorite Chinese styles of paintings is call “gongbi” style, gong stands for “meticulous” and bi stands for “line” in Chinese or fine line brush style. The versatility of his imagery brings various Chinese painting styles with a constant awareness of nature as his main subjects, “flower and birds,” “Southern song Dynasty landscapes” are revived and recreated under a modern eye.

Alejandro Angio - student & teacher of Chinese art styles - Craftsbury, VT
Alejandro Angio - 2 - student & teacher of Chinese art styles - Craftsbury, VT
Alejandro Angio - Souther song dynasty recretion
Alejandro Angio - cherry blossoms
Alejandro Angio - Sardine II Finish - Cherry BNene at the golf coarse