Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery - Greensboro, VT

Business Name: Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery
Owner: Susan Schulman
Address: 277 Bayley Hazen Road – Greensboro, VT 05841
Mailing Address: PO Box 117 – Greensboro, VT  05841



Telephone: (802) 441-4000 / (703) 597-7963

Preorders Accepted at A Very Good Co. - Craftsbury Farmers Market

Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery

A Gluten Free Bakery in Greensboro, Vermont

(Formerly Richardson Road Bakery)

Products: Hot and iced coffee, gluten-free breads, rolls, cookies, bread and cookie mixes, flavor extracts for baking and non-gluten free treats such as croissants and doughnuts.

Customer Testimonials:

“One of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten.” – S. Scullen

“The croissant was off the chain!” – K. Sullivan

How to buy? 

  • At the Craftsbury Farmers Market in person.
  • Order by phone or email for curbside pickup at the market. Please refer to the menu on at the Richardson Road website or on our Facebook page
  • Local delivery available (Saturday to Monday only)

About Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery

Some years ago, Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery founder Susan Schulman was doing her traditional Christmas baking, when she learned one neighboring family had a young son who had recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. After some research and experimentation, she presented her friends with her first gluten free brownies. The brownies were a big hit and a mission was born.

Many people have gluten sensitivities that range from some discomfort to severe, painful reactions to wheat. A number of people develop this sensitivity over time, forcing them to abandon foods they’ve enjoyed their whole lives ― putting up a barrier to family dinners, office holiday party, or get-togethers with friends. Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery gives everyone a seat at the table with cookies that are soft, full of flavor, and might convince your tastebuds you are eating wheat ― or something better.

Using a proprietary blend of non-wheat grains, Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery cookies recreate and improve on the taste and texture of homemade wheat-based cookies. And we do it without a laundry list of chemicals or label-unfriendly ingredients. In addition, Almost Heaven Gluten Free Bakery has developed bread mixes for the home baker, so you can enjoy our delicious fresh baked bread anytime.

Bakers will also want to check out our flavor extracts in wild hazelnut, Tahitian vanilla, and more.