Birdhous - Barton, VT

Business Name: Birdhous L3C
Owner: Jes Scribner
Address: 43 Fulton Lane – Barton, VT 05822




Telephone: (802) 525-7138

Birdhous L3C

Co-working landscape for farmers, land-based entrepreneurs and creatives.


  • Pastured duck
  • wooden handicrafts
  • non-GMO eggs
  • frozen VT Pierogi – Handmade with simple, seasonal ingredients featuring our own certified naturally grown heirloom potatoes, and farm fresh, non-GMO, free range eggs from our hens.

Customer Testimonials:

“Love these!!!” I boil then pan fry. We love them a little crispy crunch! I serve them at lunch with soup from Red Hen Bakery.” –K.T. Kinney about VT Pierogi

How to buy? 

  • At the Craftsbury Farmers Market in person.
  • Our VT Pierogi can be ordered online.

About Birdhous L3C

Birdhous is a co-working landscape for farmers, land-based entrepreneurs and creatives. VT Pierogi is our flagship seedz sale offering. Other products vary from season to season highlighting our residents’ work.

Visits are encouraged during events at our facility. Contact us for event details.