Craftsbury Farmers Market vendors offer locally produced cheeses, meats, baked goods & dessert pies, fresh & prepared foods, wool & alpaca fiber yarns, crafts, Vermont maple syrup, fresh squeezed lemonade, hand-made quilts, flowers, vegetables, eggs, honey, farm-made ice cream, goat milk and natural skin-care products…
“Culturally in America, farming is still seen as being second to a college education, and farmers are often assumed to not be very smart. How wrong this is. Farming may actually be the profession that requires the most knowledge of the most topics and the most engagement with the most skills. This kind of wide-ranging wisdom strikes me as a greater guarantee of a satisfying and self-sufficient life than the intellectual specialization that renders so many of us incapable of such basic things as feeding ourselves or understanding the weather.

The next time you’re at a farmers’ market, wincing at the price of what is sold there, think about all the knowledge that went into the making of that product. And realize that the farmer who brought that product to life through his or her smarts was probably self-taught over many years. Isn’t it fitting that human knowledge is said to have come from an apple tree?”

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