Deeda's Baskets hand-woven by Linda Lamosney

Business Name: Deeda’s Baskets
Owner: Linda Lomasney
Address: 4703 VT Rte 102 – Bloomfield, VT 05905




Telephone: (802) 962-3330


Hand Woven Baskets

Hand Woven Baskets by Linda Lomasney in her Vermont Northeast Kingdom Studio

These hand woven baskets with reeds are highly functional and beautiful and make great gifts or for use by yourself.
  • Pack baskets
  • Catshead gathering baskets
  • Floor storage baskets
  • Brunch bakery baskets
  • Shay’s storage basket
  • Kirby Carrier basket
  • Plaid waste basket
  • NEK storage basket
  • Market / shopping basket
  • many, many more styles


handmade Deeda's pack baskets
handmade Deeda's floor storage basket
Deedas plaid waste basket hand-woven by Linda Lamosney
Deedas market shopping basket hand-woven by Linda Lamosney
hand made baskets - Deeda's Baskets
handmade baskets - Deeda's Baskets
handmade baskets - Deeda's Baskets
hand made baskets - Deeda's Baskets

“I love my baskets! They are versatile, useful and so lovely. It’s wonderful to have such functional works of art throughout our house.” –Christine – Colebrook, NH

“I ordered a custom basket as a Christmas gift for a dear friend last year. Linda could not have been more accommodating. She worked with the color scheme in a photo of my friend’s room and brilliantly matched both the colors and the intensity of the colors. My friend, who is an accomplished artist, was thrilled with every aspect of the basket. Beautifully made and perfect for her room. Suspect I will never again be able to find anything as suitable and genuinely enjoyed as a gift for this dear friend. Working with Linda to accomplish this was remarkably easy and pleasant.”  –Peggy, Marshfield, VT

“What a gem!  Traveling to New England and meeting Linda was perfect!  Her collection of baskets were so inviting that we purchased several knowing we had no room on the plane!  We asked Linda if she would ship them and she did.  When we arrived home, our beautiful baskets were there.  We have since had Linda customize baskets for gifts and ourselves.  It is so easy to work with Linda, I will order baskets for years to come.”  Rebecca – Davis, CA