Donna Walsh Warren - Plein Air Artist

Artist Name: Donna Walsh Warren
Business / Studio Name: Roaring Brook Studios
Address: 1414 Roaring Brook Road – Barton, Vermont 05822

Phone: (561) 499-3046


Donna Walsh Warren – Barton VT Artist

Donna Walsh Warren is a 21st Century Remodernist Artist & Scientist whose art communicates spirituality and emotional impact of the natural world.
Donna Walsh Warren began painting early in life and took a break for a career in science and technology.The following describes her approach. I’m drawn to watercolor by its transparency and the way light interacts with it. I tried to be meticulous in my work, something that came naturally with my background in science. However, now there is spontaneity, a freedom, that I hadn’t felt before. The image flows freely from my brush. Planning is a “before thing.” Something that occurs before my fingers touch the brush and the brush touches the color. After that, it is a time of emotion and caress of brush against paper.
In my search for a distinct aesthetic voice, I’ve been doing landscapes, figures and floral’s, but such a process takes time, and at this time, my heart holds a tumult of the learned and sensed. Winnowing them through experience is refining the apparent cacophony is a matter of time and experience. My decision process is a merger of careful planning and inspiration. This was operative in paint, brush paper selection and just about every tool needed. In other words, left brain activity in the planning. But once I begin, I shift to the right brain and allow the paints and the images before me to guide the brush.
Each painting begins with a story or emotion I want to share. Painting is a very spiritual thing to me. In painting, time and space vanish and I’m part of the cosmos rather than outside and observing. It isn’t a linear process because the act of painting opens new windows to what I want to paint. I love colors; working spontaneously and watching the image and the emotion take shape on the paper. When I paint, it’s collaboration between my soul and my training with each overcoming the limitations of the other and supporting its strengths. I hope a viewer can feel a sense of intimate engagement. I want them to see the communication my own soul received from what I was looking at expressed in a tangible form.
Donna is a member of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach, Delray Art League, MAC Center for the Arts, and Artist Guild of Boca Raton Museum.  She is the co-founder of Plein Air Palm Beach, co-chair of Plein Fun Fest , organizer of Plein Air Northeast Kingdom and the owner /curator of Art Evolution Gallery.  She resides in Delray Beach, Florida and Barton, Vermont. Donna exhibits in Palm Beach County of Florida and in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.


Donna Walsh Warren - hay bales
Donna Walsh Warren - landscape
Donna Walsh Warren - Parker Pie - West Glover, VT
Donna Walsh Warren - lighthouse
Donna Walsh Warren - covered bridge
Donna Walsh Warren - lavender landscape