E & T's Fresh Lemonade - Craftsbury Farmers Market

Farm Name: E&T’s Lemonade
Owners: Emma Locke-McAllister & Tressa Urie
Address: Albany, VT 05820


Craftsbury Farmers Market Fresh, Pressed Lemonade

Emma and Tressa, Craftsbury Farmers’ Market young entrepreneurs, create your lemonade to order from fresh lemons. They also offer lemonade pops (popsicles).

“To quench my thirst one recent Saturday at the Craftsbury Farmers’ Market I ordered a fresh lemonade. Delicious!” –Larry Bohen

Another patron recently remarked “Best lemonade ever!”

Products: fresh, pressed lemonade & frozen lemonade pops

E&T's Fresh Lemonade - Craftsbury Farmers Market
E&T's Fresh Lemonade lemons - Craftsbury Farmers Market