Harvesting Vitality - Craftsbury VT

Business Name: Harvesting Vitality
Owner: Catie Winters
Address: 66 Atkins Lane – Hardwick, VT 05843



Cell: (802) 356-9687

Gifts from Bees, the Earth & Our Hands

“I am a clinical herbalist and nutritionist with formal training and experience in garden-based sustainability education. My herbal honeys are mu sweet medicinal offering to the world. I maintain a small clinical practice helping folks with a variety of health concerns.”


  • herbal honey elixirs – 6 oz. jars
  • therapeutic herbal electuaries

A few of my herbal honey products are shown below. Many more will be available at the Craftsbury Farmers Market and at several stores in Vermont and California. Contact me to arrange a visit to my business.

Customer Testimonial:

“I have been using the Harvesting Vitality Herbal Honey’s for years. I absolutely love them. They are extremely convenient since they can be consumed plain or in hot water. Catie masterfully blends the herbs in a combination that is both palatable and effective. (Even for my kids!) Catie also created some custom herbal honey’s to suit the needs of my family. Her product is of the highest quality, which is why I am a customer for life!” –Molly


Harvesting Vitality Love Buzz: Warming Aphrodisiac Blend
Harvesting Vitality Cold & Flu Away: Respiratory Immune Support
Harvesting Vitality Breathe Easy: Seasonal Allergy Support
Harvesting Vitality Bee Nutritive: Nourishing Support for the Day