Hawthorn Meadow Farmstead - Craftsbury Farmers Market

Farm Name: Hawthorn Meadow Farmstead
Owners: Elizabeth Echeverria & Chris LaPoint
Address: 95 Reed Pond Road – Craftsbury Common, VT 05827




Telephone: (802) 696-2615

Preorders Accepted at A Very Good Co. - Craftsbury Farmers Market

Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs & Artwork

Hawthorn Meadow Farmstead

An ecological market garden growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and art studio located in Craftsbury, Vermont

Nestled in the hills of northern Vermont, we grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs on our small, regenerative farmstead. We use a carbon conscious, no-till, chemical-free approach. This allows us to support our climate and ecosystem, build the richness of our soil, and provide clean, delicious food for the community.

My screen-printed artwork is inspired by the wilds of Vermont. I hand-print my designs on flag sets and clothing, here in my small studio in Craftsbury, VT. I use materials and fabrics that are eco-conscious, silky soft, and premium quality.

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Hawthorn Meadow Farmstead ecological market garden
Hawthorn Meadow Farmstead ecological market garden vegetables
Hawthorn Meadow Farmstead art studio screen printing
Hawthorn Meadow Farmstead art studio artwork