Hillside Farm & Pearce's Pastured Poultry - Albany, VT

Farm Name: Hillside Farm & Pearce’s Pastured Poultry CSA
Owners: William Pearce & Hannah Pearce
Address: 919 Barton Road, East Albany, VT 05820
Mailing Address: 919 Barton Road – West Glover, VT 05876




Bill and Hannah, a father/daughter farming team, offer delicious, fresh, pasture-raised chicken and wild & ecologically grown apple cider. Providing quality, responsible products to those in our community drives our work, and we are excited to continue to care for our land, animals, and neighbors.

Pearce’s Pastured Poultry at Hillside Farm is free of antibiotics and hormones. Our birds are pastured 100% of the time on our heritage farm once out of the brooder. We move them every day onto fresh grass where they can eat fresh plants, bugs, and scratch around as nature intended. Processed on farm, our chickens experience less trauma during slaughter, remain cleaner as we don’t share our facility with unknown poultry, are extremely fresh at time of customer pick-up, and are consistently the best-tasting chickens our customers have eaten! We care about how our chickens live and the satisfaction of our customers.

Cider is chemical-free and pasteurized on farm. We care for not just the trees we’ve planted, but the ones who have survived the ages on our farm and in the wider community. All apples are from trees untreated by chemicals and pruned with care! Each season we explore new ways for customers to experience our cider, making mixed ciders with locally grown products like blackberries and beets, and offering bulk raw cider for hard cider brewing. We will also press apples for community members at a low cost, because we believe our neighbors should have the chance to feed themselves!

Products: GMO-free pastured poultry raised and processed on farm, fresh & pasteurized cider from wild & ecologically grown apples

Hillside Farm & Pearce's Pastured Poultry
Hillside Farm & Pearce's Pastured Poultry
Hillside Farm & Pearce's Pastured Poultry
Hillside Farm & Pearce's Pastured Poultry

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