Hinterland Market - Albany, VT

Business Name: Hinterland Market
Owners: Karin Weiner & Aaron Malys
Address: 1534 South Albany Road – Albany, VT




Telephone: (802) 793-9803

Marinade, Granola, Soft Pretzels …

General Store & Farmers Market Vendor

A seasonal market in a historic general store building offering house-made products, general merchandise, vintage and other curiosities, farm stand essentials as well as handmade goods from local makers. House-made products are made with the finest, locally sourced ingredients where possible and cooked or baked here in Albany, VT.
  • handmade soft pretzels

  • Jamaican marinade

  • hot sauces

  • granola

  • meat pies

soft pretzels - Hinterland Market
granola - Hinterland Market
Jamaican marinade - Hinterland Market
hot sauces - Hinterland Market