Albany Farm Stand - Albany, VT

Farm Name: Lutterloh Farms & Albany Farmstand
Owners: Trina Newland & Neil Fromm
Farm Stand Address: 2444 Route N 14 – Albany, VT 05820
Mailing Address: 609 Centebar Road – Irasburg, VT 05845

Phone: (802) 755-6352


Lutterloh Farms & Albany Farmstand to you at reasonable prices.

Cows are mostly grass-fed. Chickens have free range. Our maple sap is collected with horses and our evaporator is wood-fired.

  • Fresh raw milk from pastured cows
  • eggs from free-range chickens
  • beef from pastured cattle
  • pork from pastured pigs
  • maple syrup
  • maple sun tea

We love visitors to our farm about one mile up Centerbar Road, East Albany. Best to call first.

Albany Farm Stand work horses - Albany, VT
Albany Farm Stand collecting maple sap - Albany, VT
Albany Farm Stand piglets - Albany, VT
Albany Farm Stand cows on pasture - Albany, VT