Newfield Herb Farm - Albany VT

Farm Name: Newfield Herb Farm
Owner: Peggy Newfield
Address: 5805 Creek Road – Albany, VT
USPS Mailing Address: 5805 Creek Road – Craftsbury Common, VT 05827



Telephone: (802) 321-0034

Preorders Accepted at A Very Good Co. - Craftsbury Farmers Market

2020 Season – Beginning May 30th we will be selling culinary, medicinal, dye plant starts.

Anise Hyssop Cilantro, Caribe Lemon Balm Oregano, Greek Sweet Annie
Arnica Clary Sage Licorice Oregano, Zaatar Tansy
Basil, Lemon Codonopsis Madder Parsley, Flat leaf Tarragon
Basil Dill, Bouquet Marigold, French Mixed Poppy, Californa Thyme
Basil, Purple Dark Opal Echinacea Marshmallow Rosemary Tulsi Kapoor
Bergamot Fennel, Perfection Milk Thistle Sage, Fanni Common Violet, Heartsease
Burdock Feverfew Motherwort Self Heal Wormwood
Calendula Hyssop, Official Mullein Skullcap, official Yarrow
Chamomile, Dyers Indigo, Japanese Pink Nasturtiums Spilanthes Yomogi
Chamomile, German Lavender, Munstead Nettles St. John’s Wort  

 How to Buy?

1. At the Craftsbury Farmers’ Market by pre-ordering online by phone or email and picking up at the Market.

2. At the farm by pre-ordering online by phone or email and picking up by appointment at the farm. 

Call me at the number on this page or use the email form to start an email conversation.


  • Over the Memorial Day Weekend anyone who has already pre-ordered will be contacted for payment/pick-up arrangements. If you don’t see your plants listed here, don’t be concerned – your plants have been set aside for you.
  • Not all plants listed above will be available on the 30th. Some plants have taken a bit longer to size up after the cloudy rainy springtime and may be a week or two longer. Call or email for availability.

Herbs for Wellness, Flavor & Happiness

Newfield Herb Farm is a small organically-certified farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, specializing in culinary and medicinal herbs. Our herbs are grown from organic seed, and attention is paid to the health of the plants and the soil they grow in. Herbs are sold as starts, fresh, and dried.


  • medicinal & culinary herbs
  • herbs sold as: starts, fresh, and dried
  • cut flowers
  • household herbal craft products: sachets, sleep pillows, insect deterrents

Visitors are welcome to stop by Newfield Herb farm. Please call for an appointment. 

Newfield Herb Farm - Albany, VT - Sage starts
Newfield Herb Farm - Albany, VT - Tulsi Tea
Newfield Herb Farm - Albany, VT - blossoms
Newfield Herb Farm - Albany, VT - Herb Relaxing Pillow
Newfield Herb Farm - Culinary & Medicinal Herbs - Albany VT