Richardson Road Bakery - Greensboro VT

Business Name: Richardson Road Bakery
Owner: Susan Schulman
Address: 277 Bayley Hazen Road – Greensboro, VT 05841
Mailing Address: PO Box 117 – Greensboro, VT  05841




Telephone: (802) 441-4000

Richardson Road Bakery

Gluten-free baked goods with a French accent and no artificial ingredients common to “the other guys” GF foods.

Richardson Road Bakery brings you fresh, hearty gluten-free loaves made locally from healthful ingredients, like Maine buckwheat, freshly ground rice and oats, or Vermont berries.

For French toast at its best, take home a loaf of buttery brioche — there’s none better.

Products: gluten-free breads, baking mixes, pancake mix, rolls, scones & wooden spoons

What our customers say:

“Your madeleines are my new favorite.” — B. Eichie

“The sweet potato bread is really good.” — C. Figueroa

Richardson Road Bakery, Susan Schulman sweet potato and buckwheat breads
Richardson Road Bakery, Susan Schulman tarts and madeleines
Richardson Road Bakery, Susan Schulman bread
Richardson Road Bakery flavor extracts crafted with care in Greensboro, VT