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Business Name: Stannard Farm Vermont Pure Maple Syrup
Owners: Reynolds Family
Address: 71 Reynolds Road – Stannard, VT 05836
Mailing Address: 556 South Craftsbury Road – Craftsbury, VT 05826

Phone: (802) 586-2083
Cell: (802) 585-8197



Maple Syrup (Wood-Fired Organic) & Maple Treats

Stannard Farm is a 4th generation family farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Along with grass-fed beef and hay we produce wood-fired organic maple syrup from sustainably managed sugar woods.
  • MAPLE syrup
  • MAPLE candies
  • MAPLE cotton candy
  • MAPLE popcorn
  • MAPLE snow-cones

From our windmill and solar panels to our emphasis on using firewood harvested from our land to boil down maple sap into syrup, we strive to be responsible stewards of the land, balancing use with preservation and care.

Stannard Farm family
Maple syrup - Stannard Farm - 3.5 gallons
Stannard Farm Vermont Pure Maple Syrup - 1/2 gallon
Stannard Farm Vermont Pure Maple Syrup - 1 gallon