Meet the CFM

The CFM Steering Committee are a
group of democratically elected board members
that guide the decision making process for
the market as a whole.

Kris Coville

Board Head

Nadav Mille


Sheena Davey

Board Member
Board Member

Unelected Slot

Board Member

What is the Steering Committee for?

As is the case with all organizations, not for profit or not, there are needs that arise, improvements to make and sometimes conflicts to quell.  As such it is typical for farmers markets to have a board of both members and non members. The purpose of the steering committee is to consider any and all requests for changes to the overall functionality of the market.

How do you become a member of the Steering Committee?

The CFM steering committee is democratically elected by the active members of the market.  Lengths of service vary, but when the term for a member ends the vendors of the market nominate and vote on filling the seat.

We encourage vendors after their initial year of vending, to run for a seat and give back to their community.

The steering committee is open to all rational suggestions on ways
to improve our market!

If you have input, please submit it through the button on the right.

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