Vermont Authors Fest

A Free, Vermont Author Book Signing, Family-Friendly Event

Saturday – August 17, 2019, 10am – 1pm

Vermont Authors Fest at Craftsbury Farmers Market – Craftsbury Common, VT is a gathering of some of Vermont best authors in fiction, non-fiction, adult, fantasy, poetry and children genres for book signing, to answer your questions and an opportunity to connect with them. The books of these Vermont authors, including new releases will be for sale too. Bring books by these Vermont authors that you previously bought for signing too.

Come to meet your favorite Vermont author and discover new ones amongst a live farmers market on one of Vermont’s most stunning town greens.

Here’s what some of our Vermont authors said about our 2018 Vermont Authors Fest.

  • “…fun, fantastic idea, way-cool event.”
  • “A resounding yes! Thank you for asking me. I am available and would love to attend.”
  • “Sure, count me in — this sounds like fun!”
  • “Oh, poo, I will be out of the country in mid-September.  How sorry I am to miss this event.  Please keep me in mind for future endeavors along this line.”
  • “I wish my name was on that list (to attend)! I expect to be able to attend next year!”

Authors are signing up for our 2019 Vermont Authors Fest. In the meantime, here’s a list of authors who attended the 2018 Vermont Authors Fest. This was a rare gathering for the public to meet and talk with so many authors in one location.

Authors Fest - Craftsbury Farmers Market - Craftsbury Common VT

Otter St. One and the Bootleggers - Alec Hastings, Vermont author

Rosie and the Little Folk - Alec Hastings, Vermont author

Deep Within - Stories of a Faded Heritage - Tyler A.C. Mason, Vermont author

Martha's Mandela - Patty (Martha) Oliver-Smith, Vermont author

Points North - Howard Frank Mosher, Vermont author

Optimist - Wicked Good Humor - Skip Sedore, Vermont author

Dust of the Road - Victor Densmore, Vermont author

Lords of St. Thomas - Jackson Ellis, Vermont author

Autobiography of Ralph Skinner Swett - Ralph Swett & Gail Ruggles, Vermont authors

Wizard Dawning - Battle Wizard Saga 1 - C.M. Lance, Vermont author

Wizard's Sword - Battle Wizard Saga 2 - C.M. Lance, Vermont author

Dragon Sword - Battle Wizard Saga 3 - C.M. Lance, Vermont author

Caribbean Layoff - C.M. Lance, Vermont author

Aesop Lake - Sarah Ward, Vermont author

A Stitch in Time - Daphne Kalmar, Vermont author

Starling God - Tanya Sousa, Vermont author

Song of Quebec - Dan Close, Vermont author

The Long Shadow - Winds of Freedom 1 - Beth Kanell, Vermont author

Silas Gets a Sister - Grannie Snow, Vermont author

Big Ole Striped Silas - Grannie Snow, Vermont author

Noah's Song - Jerry Johnson, Vermont author & poet

Up the Creek Without a Saddle - Jerry Johnson, Vermont author & poet

Something Abides - Discovering the Civil War in Today's Vermont - Howard Coffin, Vermont author

Under an Eagle's Wing - Story of Vermont Orphaned Boy - Barbara Williams Sheperd, Vermont Author

The Quite One - Sarah Houston, Vermont author