Wandering Brook Farms - Bakery, pastured pork, poultry & eggs - Craftsbury, VT


Farm Name: Wandering Brook Farms
Owners: Jodi & John Smith
Address: 1765 Wild Branch Road – Craftsbury, VT 05826





Telephone: (802) 586-2227

We are a small family farm growing all the time!

We are grass-based, organically managed heritage breed family.

Wandering Brook Farms baked goods, pastured pigs, beef, poultry, eggs direct from the farm to you. Know where your food comes from and how it is prepared and raised.


  • pastured pork
    • whole & half pigs
    • select pork cuts
  • pastured poultry
    • CSA & bulk
    • holiday turkeys
  • farm-fresh eggs from pastured chickens
  • fresh-baked goods: bagels, muffins, rolls, bread…
Wandering Brook Farms - pastured poultry & eggs
Wandering Brook Farms - baked goods - Craftsbury, VT
Wandering Brook Farms - pastured beef - Craftsbury, VT
Wandering Brook Farms - pastured pigs - Craftsbury, VT